Data transfer to back office

In order to make weighing data useful for your company, it has to end up at your office or in your backoffice system. A few ways of transferring your data to the office are via a weighing ticket, 3G/4G data connection to the cloud ( or via the on-board computer.


You can print any weighing using a printer linked to the weighing computer. In that way you can provide your customer with a print receipt about the weighed product, whether this concerns one or more containers at a location.

Data through Internet

The weighing data is forwarded directly to the Cloud which is accessible via With your personal login details you can view and process the data directly online in a secure internet environment. Of course, approaching and processing the data can also be done completely automatic without having to perform any actions.

On-board computer

The weighing system communicates with the on-board computer by means of an on-board computer protocol. Through the on-board computer, the weight is directly linked to the right order.

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