Calibrated tank weighing system

This system is suitable for weighing different types of liquids and bulk goods. Depending on the semi-trailer and the application, a total weighing system or a tipper weighing system can be used. When loading or unloading, a weighing can be performed. The advantage of this system is that you can immediately read the exact loaded or unloaded weight per customer. The operation is of course very simple.


Upon arrival, enter the customer code and put the system in weighing position. The system then automatically performs a first weighing. After loading or unloading the material, the second weighing is being performed. The net weight is now registered per customer or location. If your bulk / tank is equipped with compartments, these can be registered with the loaded or unloaded weight.


In addition to weight, the weighing system also stores other relevant information such as customer and location data. Together with the weight, this data is printed onto a ticket or slip. The data can also be sent via a 3G / 4G internet connection to our web-based portal or to your own company network.

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  • Weighing capacity from 10,000 kg to 35,000 kg with 10 kg, 20 kg or 50 kg classification.
  • Standard equipped with a printer.
  • European calibrated in class III or IV (applicable for feeds, recyclable materials and waste products and manure).


  • Linked with your network, on-board computer, GPS.
  • Multiple options negotiable.


Total weighing system Semi-Trailer

Total weighing system Truck