Calibrated tail lift weighing system

This system is suitable for determining the weight on the tail lift and has many applications. With this weighing system it is possible to weigh palletgoods, but also the goods on a pallet jack. This system is also very suitable for weighing animals. The weighing system can be integrated into the tail lift and has a high accuracy.


Upon arrival, customer data, possibly product type and/or extra tare can be entered. The load can then be placed on top of the tail lift. The net weight is recorded and can be saved or printed directly on a slip.


In addition to weighing, the weighing system also stores other relevant information such as customer data, GPS coordinates, etc. This data is printed together with the weight onto a ticket. The data can also be sent via a 3G / 4G internet connection to the Welvaarts web-based portal or to your own Cloud environment.

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  • Weighing capacity from 500 kg to 2,000 kg with classification of 1 kg or 2 kg.
  • Standard equipped with printer.
  • European calibrated in class III or lV


  • Linked with your network, on-board computer, GPS.
  • Multiple options negotiable


Tail lift weighing system