Calibrated hookloader - weighing system

Ahook-loaderweighing system is used for weighing different types of disposal containers;small waste containers (KA containers), portal containers and press containers.The (loaded) weight can be determined directly when retrieving the container at the customer.Welvaarts has three systems for weighing disposal containers.


When placing the container, the empty container is weighed and the registered weight is stored onto the weighingcomputer.When retrieving the container, the full container is weighed again and the registered weight is settled with the previously registered empty weight.The net weight canbe printeddirectly onto aweighing slip.It is also possible to weigh the full container and manually enter the empty weight as a pre-set tare


The first system consists out of four or six hydraulic cylinders that push the container upwards for weighing.A load sensor is mounted on top of each cylinder, which all together determine the container weight.


The second system is a hookloader weighing system with weighingmodules on top of the hookloader.This weighing system can be applied to a HIAB-XR and HYVAhookliftsystems.The four or six weighing modules areboltedon top of thehookloaderframe so that the container is being weighed continuously.Depending on the roller height and bodysupports height, this solution can also be used for other brands.


The third system is the total under-hookloader weighing system.This weighing system is a direct derivative of the total weighing system, whereby the entire hooklift structure including container is being weighed.The application of this weighing system is only possible with a heavy chassis such as a Terminal tractor.The four or six weighing modules aremountedbetween the chassis and thehookloader frame.

Operation the weighing system is done by an external controlbox, via the remote control of the crane or through the weighing computer. In addition to manual operation of the crane, this process can also be fully automated. The crane then signals when the first and second weighing can be performed. As a result, the driver is distracted as little as possible from his work, the quantity is enlarged and the reliability of the weighing data is ensured.


Operation and control of the system is usually done from the cab.The software in the weighing computer is tailored to each application and can print various weighing slips.This makes it possible to record customer data, container data and type of waste per container.


In this way the data is shared quickly and efficiently. The organization can analyze its business processes on the basis of these data, streamline it if necessary, optimize routes and distribute costs proportionally to the interested party on the basis of weight.

Besides weighing the weighing computer can also process routes or assignments on the weighing computer. The management of this data can be done via your own back office package as well as from our web- basedprogram

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  • Weighing capacity from 10,000 kg to 40,000 kg with a classification of 10 kg, 20 kg or 50kg.
  • Standard equipped with a printer.
  • European calibrated in class III or IV (applicable for recyclable materials and waste).


  • Links with your network, on-board computer, GPS
  • Multiple options negotiable


  1. Hook lift weighing system
  2. Hooklift weighing system HIAB
  3. Hooklift weighing system HYVA