Body weighing system

With a body weighing system, the entire body on top of the truck is being weighed. Waste from the container as well as the "hand-loaded" waste are registered with this system. The advantage of this system is that you can determine the exact weight per customer. The operation of the system speaks for itself.


On arrival you enter the customer, location or container ID or just apply the handbrake. The system automatically performs the first weighing. After loading the waste, the second weighing is being performed. The net weight is now registered. Registering the weight is possible in many different ways, and can be done both manual and automatically. The operating of the weighing system takes place via various external signals such as the hand brake, on-board computer, chip recognition, barcode scanner, etc. with this way of operating you ensure a consistent and quick registration process without distracting the driver any more than necessary.

In addition to the registration of the weight, the weighing computer can also process other orders. For example, you can enter routes in advance or adjust them in real time to coop with changing situations. This management can be done via your own company network, as well as from the web-based program of Welvaarts weighing systems


In addition to the weight, the weighing system also records matters such as customer or container data, GPS coordinates, identification chips etc. This data can be printed on a ticket or sent via a 3G / 4G internet connection too our Cloud solution (

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  • Weighing capacity standard to 12,000 kg with a resolution of 5 kg.
  • Standard equipped with a printer.
  • European calibrated in class III or IV (applicable for recyclable materials and waste).


  • Links with your network, on-board computer, GPS.
  • Multiple options negotiable.


  1. Total weighing system