Calibrated loader-weighing system

A loading weighing system is mainly used for waste collection by means of containers. These containers can be unloaded by a rear, side or front loader. With a loading weighing system, only the container is being weighed. The actual weighing takes place during the lifting and lowering of the container, in order to take up as little time as possible. A load weighing system gives a high accuracy per weighing.


During the lifting of the container, the system determines the weight of the full container. The empty weight is then determined during the lowering of the container. Based on the difference between the up and downwards movement, the system calculates the net weight of the container.

Registering the weight is possible in many different ways. This can be done both manually and automatic. The operating of the weighing system takes place via external signals such as the handbrake, loader movement, onboard computer, chip recognition, barcode scanner, etc. with this way of operating you ensure a consistent and quick registration process without distracting the driver any more than necessary. Besides weighing you can also process routes or assignments on the weighing computer. The management of this system can be done via your own back office as well as from the web-based portal


In addition to weight, the weighing system also registers matters such as customer or container data, GPS coordinates, Identification chips, etc. This data is displayed together with the weight on a printer. The data can also be sent via a 3G / 4G internet connection to or your own Cloud environment

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  • Standard weighing capacity up to 4,000 kg with a classification of 2 to 5 kg, depending on the type of construction.
  • Standard equipped with a printer. 
  • European calibrated in class, class III or IV, Y (a) or Y (b) (applicable for recyclable materials and waste).


  • Container Identification  
  • Linked with your network, on-board computer, GPS.
  • Multiple options negotiable


  1. Frontloader Weighingsystem
  2. Rearloader weighingsystem
  3. Side-loader weighingsystem