Calibrated skip loader weighing system

A wireless skip loader weighing system is suitable for weighing portal waste containers.The weight of the container can be determined directly when retrieving the portable container at the customer.The system consists out of two robust wireless weighing blocks mounted between the end of the skip loader arms and the chains. With this system, broken electrical cables are a thing of the past.The determined weight is sent wirelessly to the weighing computer.


When dropping of the container at the customer, the empty weight of the container can be stored with a key code.When the full container is collected again at the customer, the container is weighed again and the weight is settled with the stored empty weight, by means of the key code, or the empty weight is entered manually as a preset tare.The operation and control of the weighing system is usually done from the cabin.


In this way the data is shared quickly and efficiently. The organization can analyze its business processes on the basis of these data, streamline it if necessary, optimize routes and distribute costs proportionally to the interested party on the basis of weight.

Besides weighing the weighing computer can also process routes or assignments on the weighing computer. The management of this data can be done via your own back office package as well as from the web- basedprogram

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  • Weighing capacity from 14,000 kg to 18,000 kg with a classification of 20 kg.   
  • Standard equipped with a printer.
  • European calibrated in class III or IV (applicable for feeds, recyclable materials and waste products and manure).


  • Linked with your network, on-board computer, GPS.
  • Multiple options negotiable


  1. Skip loader weighing system